What is PTPT and how is it related to mailbe.at?

Research in cognitive neuroscience shows that most people tend to understand all activities, events and information based on four dimensions that are easy to understand: People, Things, Places, and Time (PTPT). For example, you (person) are sitting here (place) right now (time) in front of your device (thing) and are reading this.

mailbe.at uses different linguistic &
 artificial intelligence algorithms to decompose all imported data (emails, calendar entries, pictures, etc) into single elements (we call them entities), and assign them to one of the four basic dimensions and cross-associate them. 

In this way PTPT can provide data to different applications and applications can use PTPT to exchange this knowledge. mailbe.at is the first application to work ontop of PTPT, there are some more following (picturebe.at, newsbe.at, socialbe.at).
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