What is the homescreen?

The homescreen is the first screen you see after you've installed mailbe.at.

It is organised in groups of different information such as "Emails", "Contacts", "Calendar", etc. The idea of the homescreen is to give you a quick overview on what happened in the world by showing you news in large numbers. New emails ("unseen") will appear in big numbers, the total in small numbers. 

Each group has a couple of tiles in it that show different aspects, like "Inbox", "Sent", etc. 

A nice thing is that you have super-fast access to "new": simply tap the + at each group header to add a new item from that category, like write a new email, add a contact, add a new calendar entry, add a new todo list, etc.

You can customise the homescreen by adding your own tiles (press the + in a row of tiles within a group) and groups, so that the information is more specific to your needs. 
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