What are "smart folders" / "tiles"?

The smart folders (we call them tiles) on your homescreen are customisable views on your data. So, for example, you can have folders that only show your email inbox filtered by a particular person. Or pictures filtered by the city of you last trip. 

There are some tiles that have "current" in their name: these filter data based on where you are ("here" in the filter") and what time it is ("now"). This means that mailbe.at makes suggestion on what emails to read, who to call, or what app to use based on your location and day of time (and some other neat analytics that make it even smarter). 

You can also add your own tiles, change the content of existing tiles or delete tiles. Tiles are organised in groups, for example Emails or Contacts. You can also add a new group and move groups so that the homescreen is fully customisable. 
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