OMG! Battery drain!

You may be concerned about the battery drain after installation of We understand that. But please remember: is getting all your specified data (for example Inbox x 500, Sent x 500, work x 500, private x 500 is 2000 emails in sum) onto your device and not only stores them for offline access but actually understands them. So this "thinking" takes some power (the human brain consumes about 20% of the energy although its weight is just about 1/60th of the whole body).
And, unlike other email clients, takes into account your contacts, call-logs, short messages (which can easily again be another 1500), your calendar and your pictures. All of this is done - for privacy reasons - on-device. We know that this data in sum gives a pretty precise picture of you as a person and frankly, we shouldn't know about your person. Our software should know. On your device, inaccessable to us.
So we advise to have your phone hooked up to the power outlet and have it connected to the internet via Wifi during the initial import.

The good news: after the initial import ( "getting to know you"), the battery consumption will normalise and it will behave pretty much like a normal email-client. Certainly it consumes a bit more, but it's way smarter. This is our goal. 

Oh, one remark one the battery consumption after the initial imports: During user testings we found out that people spend more time with our email client because they use it more intensively. For example, it is very likely that they open related emails to read those. So the slight increased battery consumption in normal operation is in fact to more intense usage. We actually like that, it means that users are spending their precious time with our baby. 
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